Safe Lifting & Moving in Healthcare

Safe Lifting & Moving in Healthcare:  Some patients in hospitals or residents in nursing homes need help when moving about or being repositioned for care-giving needs. But if such patients or residents are lifted or repositioned without the use of modern equipment and training, both they and the healthcare worker can get hurt.  Patient & Family urges that there is a better way.  Read our article — “Safe Lifting and Moving in Healthcare: An Emerging Trend of Caring technology”  (journal excerpt) — in the Risk Management Quarterly (Assoc. for Healthcare Risk Management of New York, Fall 2013) on how modern equipment, training, and full engagement of healthcare staff and patients in a safety program (termed by OSHA “Safe Patient Handling”) can improve health and safety for both patients and healthcare workers.

And now, in New York State, it’s the law!  Here’s our current Factsheet on safe lifting and moving in healthcare, and the requirements of New York’s new statute.

Patient & Family, NYPIRG and the NY Statewide Senior Action Council are urging hospitals and nursing homes to comply in good faith with this new law — adopted as part of the State Budget — on safe lifting and moving in healthcare. This important new law requires hospitals and nursing homes to develop plans to ensure safety when patients or nursing home residents need help in moving about or being repositioned.  While we are praising this measure as an important first step, we are also cautioning that the new law’s impact will depend on hospitals and nursing homes to comply with the law in good faith.

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