Useful Educational Information

Here is useful educational information from New Yorkers for Patient & Family Empowerment.  Note:  We define “family” to include the key support persons and loved ones in the patient’s life, as determined by the patient.

The Front Line of Care:   People who are hospitalized or in nursing homes need monitoring and care.  They would not be there if they did not.  But if a healthcare facility cuts corners on frontline staff who are responsible for providing that monitoring and care, the patient or nursing home resident can be put at risk.  Read more here.

Safe Lifting & Moving in Healthcare:  Patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other settings sometimes need assistance when moving to and from beds or chairs, or being repositioned for care-giving purposes. But when healthcare workers are required to lift or reposition patients without modern mechanical lifting and moving equipment and training, both they and their patients can be injured. There is a better way.  Read more here.

Sick, Scared & Separated from Loved Ones:  As a patient, from the moment you enter that hospital door, your world changes. You are surrounded by strangers giving you  instructions and warnings. You are inundated by beeps from electronic devices, bright lights, and voices of hospital staff. You may share a room with someone you’ve never met before.  Visits from loved ones and friends can help you cope. A trusted “support person” can help you monitor your care, take notes while doctors or nurses talk to you, and may even prevent prescription errors or other mistakes — but only if the hospital does not bar the door to your room with unfair, excessively restrictive visiting rules!  Read more here.

Health System Disaster Preparedness: Patient & Family worked with the Center for Independence of the Disabled, Disabled in Action of Metropolitan New York, MFY Legal Services and other organizations to advocate for better health system disaster response in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, based on a set of consensus recommendations to meet the real needs and conditions of the communities we serve.  Read more here.

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